Moneysaver Telecom expands in to energy services with Moneysaver Energy

Moneysaver Telecom, an award-winning low cost telecommunications company in Cheshire, has launched a new energy service called Moneysaver Energy to help home owners save even more money.

Known for their personal and value-for-money services for more than 15 years, Moneysaver Telecom will now help their customers save money on their energy bills through Moneysaver Energy. Utilising industry leading energy providers to guarantee the best service for the best price, Moneysaver Energy hopes to encourage customers to switch before the cold winter sets in.

Statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change indicated that 19% of customers in the UK have never switched their energy supplier and 67% lack motivation to consider a change, which could mean saving an average of £250 per year. This totals to 13.5 million households in the UK, which could financially benefit from comparing and switching their energy supplier.

Mike Walsh comments, “As part of our continued low cost price guarantee to our customers, we felt that moving into providing energy services was a natural progression for Moneysaver Telecom and an additional way in which we can add-value to our customers”.

Steve Walsh continues, “Moneysaver Energy will provide the very best services from the best suppliers. Moneysaver Energy is fully accredited to the Offgem Confidence Code, which domestic customers use to compare rates. Moneysaver Energy provides a seamless continuation of service so there is no interruption, and our customers can make great savings. ”

Moneysaver Energy introduces its services just in time for the cold winter. To encourage our customers to switch to Moneysaver Energy, we are currently offering a £10 credit to existing customers who switch both gas and electricity and £5 for those who switch either gas or electricity only. To compare fuel bills simple visit and start saving on your bills today.