Moneysaver Telecom join support of LoveBrum

Moneysaver Telecom, low cost telecommunications company, has become a corporate sponsor of LoveBrum, a charity set up to support the local areas around Birmingham. Moneysaver Telecom joins several other significant corporations and Service Patrons supporting the LoveBrum movement.

LoveBrum comprises a network of businesses aimed at enriching Birmingham and its surrounding areas’ living experience. All funds raised by LoveBrum stay local to the region. The trustees work in conjunction with the city’s key organisations such as Birmingham City Council, Marketing Birmingham and the BIDs to promote all activities and achievements.

Mike Taitt, CEO of Moneysaver Telecom comments, “We’re really happy to join LoveBrum. We believe the charity reflects many of our company’s ambitions to better community life. Moneysaver Telecom is dedicated to providing low cost telecomms for residents and businesses to enhance communication.”

Steve Walsh, MD of Moneysaver Telecom continues, “As a sponsor of Birmingham Football Club, eZe-talk has developed a real passion for the people of Birmingham and surrounding area. We believe this is a great way to give back to the community and demonstrate our commitment to the local area”.

Tim Andrews  Chairman of Trustees from LoveBrum and Managing Director of Hollywood Monster states, “Having Moneysaver Telecom come on board is really important to us. As an independent telecoms provider, it means we can further our offering to our sponsors and reduce our overheads, which means more of the funds raised will reach the end-user”.

Moneysaver Telecom supports many charity initiatives around the Midlands and North West of England, including Liam Smiles and Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity. Moneysaver Telecom has a bespoke service called Fundraiser Telecom, which is dedicated to assisting charities in raising more money to help them realise their goals. Fundraiser Telecom helps good causes to raise funds by providing their supporters with low cost telecom services and products.