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Residential Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I keep my current telephone number?

A: Yes you can. Plus if you use BT Services such as 1471, call divert, call waiting, 3 way calling etc. You can continue to use them as before.

Q: If I switch to Money Saver Telecom Broadband will I be able to keep & use my existing email address?

You can use any email address on our broadband service however we recommend you first check with the company that issued your email address as some providers will not allow you to keep the address once you’ve moved off their broadband service.

Q: Are you part of BT?

No, Money Saver Telecom is a privately owned UK based company independent of BT, one of the reasons we are able to offer such a competitive service.

Q: What if I move address?

If you move we will set up your telephone service at your new address for you. All that we require is the new address, the date that you are moving and if possible the existing telephone number at that property. We do require a minimum 10 working days notice to ensure that your line is connected when you move in.

When you leave your property we will cease the telephone line at your existing address and a line disconnection charge of £65.00 will be applied to your account. When your line is connected at your new property, usually the same day, this disconnection charge will be waived. If you do not reconnect with us at your new address this fee will remain payable.

There may also be a charge applied to the account for work carried out by engineers in order to connect the telephone service to your new address. You will be notified of any charges as appropriate.

If you do not notify us that you are moving address you will remain liable for all charges incurred on the account until we do receive notification.

Are you moving house? Why not contact us now?

Q: Why do I need to pay by Direct Debit?

Direct Debit is a convenient way to pay your bills and it’s also very secure as every payment is covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme. Plus by paying by Direct Debit you will not incur any late payment charges.

Q: Can I view my bill online?

Yes, our online service allows you to view details of your unbilled calls, as well as your last 3 months activity, with tools to allow you to see usage and costs. This service is free to our Talk & Surf customers but can be added to any account for 50p per month.

Q: What happens if I have a fault on my line?

Simply call our faults team (see page 7) and they will deal with your problem promptly. All repairs are carried out by Openreach the service company owned by BT.

Q: Can I receive my bill by email?

Yes, all Money Saver Telecom customers have the option of receiving their bill via email. This not only saves paper but also your money.

Q: How does my renewable contract work?

As of 2013, MoneySaver Telecom no longer has renewable contracts. There was an earlier message here which said we did offer renewable contracts but that was due to outdated information. We apologise for any problems caused by this issue. If you have any questions, please contact us regarding your contract.

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Broadband Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between business and residential broadband?

First off, it is perfectly feasible for a business to order residential broadband and residential users to order business broadband. The difference is simply put that business broadband has a higher priority in terms of data throughput. So, if for example both a business user and residential user go to view the same website at the same time, the business users request would be prioritised over the residential user.

Q: Why is your broadband more expensive than XYZ provider?

When it comes to broadband we believe that quality is better. Using some cheap broadband from XYZ could leave you with slow connections, getting thrown off or (in the event of a fault) leave you without broadband for weeks if not months. By working with our partners, our solutions are either dedicated to providing dedicated premium broadband and cost effective call and broadband connections

Q: Why do some service providers charge me a connection fee and others don’t?

This is simple, every service provider will have a connection charge, however, the question is do they tell you there is a connection charge or add a little extra per month on to your Broadband charge for 12 months? Those providers that tell you there is a connection charge usually do not have anything that’s hidden from you.

Q: Can I use my router from XYZ provider?

Yes you can, however, only certain modems and routers are directly supported. Routers such as Safecom/Netgear, Draytek Vigor, Linksys and Speed Touch are main stream routers. If you have another type of modem / router then support may not be able to help if you have a set-up problem.

Q: How do you migrate your broadband service or change broadband providers?

In changing providers, you will need to obtain a MAC. (A MAC is an alphanumeric code usually starting in either BBIP or BBDS followed by a 13 digit alphanumeric code. BBIP is an IP Stream MAC and BBDS is a Data Stream MAC. More exotic systems may start with LLLU or other prefixes). Broadband migration works by means of a migration authorisation code (MAC), which customers obtain from their existing Internet Service Provider and give to their new provider. Customers will need to follow three simple steps.

First contact their existing ISP and request a MAC.

Make sure you do not request your ADSL circuit to be ceased.

The MAC should reach you within 5 working days. The MAC is then valid for a period of 30 days from the date that it is issued. If you do not use the MAC within the allotted 30 days, you will need to contact the service provider again and ask them to issue a new MAC. Once you have received your MAC, present it to your new provider. Your new provider will then process the request / order and inform the customer of the specific install date (typically this will be between 5-10 working days depending on your provider).

Q: My existing service provider has issued a MAC starting in BBDS but my new provider cannot migrate this service, why?

BBDS MAC’s are for Data Stream broadband. The majority of UK ISP’s use IP Stream to provide broadband in the UK and you cannot migrate between Data Stream and IP stream. If you have a Data Stream broadband service the only thing you can do is either cease your existing service and re-provide with your new ISP (be warned this will lead to at least 10 days downtime) or install a new telephone line to provision broadband on and cease your old connection once the new service has been completed.

Q: What happens if my existing provider refuses to give me a MAC?

Your existing service provider cannot unreasonably refuse to issue a MAC, and can only withhold a MAC if:

The account holder does not make the request or the account holder is deceased.

The contract has already been terminated and the connection ceased.

The existing service provider might withhold an authorisation code to enforce debt collection or contractual rights.

Q: How much downtime can I expect when my broadband service migrates?

Typically users should not experience sizeable downtime when migrating. On the day of migration your existing service will drop at some point during the day. At this time you will need to reboot your existing router or plug in your new router with your new connection details provided by your new ISP and away you go.

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