Residential Packages

Still having to pay for landline calls in the evening?

While BT’s basic package only offers only weekend calls free*, our basic call package Money Saver Home has free calls on both weekend and evening at no extra cost!

For just £13.50 per month including line rental you get…

  • Free Calls to UK Landlines* – evenings & weekends!
  • Discounted international calls – Ring USA for 3p per minute!
  • Daytime land line to land line calls at a BT beating 4.8p per minute
  • Switching your existing line to Money Saver Telecom is easy and you keep the same number!

Don’t forget our guarantee on calls…

The price of your calls won’t rise whilst you remain a customer with us.

No gimmicks. No short term deals – just value for money.

Money Saver Telecom wants to keep the cost of your phone line low. All our call packages offer free evening AND weekend landline calls as standard. Plus, when you call abroad, your telephone call remains affordable.

That’s why, when you compare us with BT, there is no contest – switching to Money Saver Telecom will always save you money.

Here’s the small print…

All line rental & packages are charged quarterly in advance, calls outside of the package are charged monthly in arrears. Unless stated, all packages are subject to a 24 month contract and are rolling contracts. Please see the terms and conditions for more information.

Our guarantee to be cheaper than your previous supplier takes in to account the line rental and call savings offered as a total package. If within 10 days of receiving our first invoice you dispute our claim we require you to send the last invoice from your previous supplier for analysis/comparison.

Prices take effect from the 4th January 2011. Any comparisons with BT prices and packages take account of changes on the 4th January 2011 on the BT website

*Free landline calls includes numbers starting with 01, 02, 03 & 0845 and 0870 (0845 numbers take effect from the 4th January 2011). Evening calls start from 6.30pm to 7.30am, daytime calls are chargeable (except customers on Anytime packages) from 7.30am to 6.30pm.

All telephone calls must last no longer than 60 minutes to take advantage of the unlimited option. If the call goes over 60 minutes, the call will be chargeable. On services with bandwidth limits, all over usage will be charged at £1.25 (inc VAT) per gigabyte. All broadband packages are subject to a fair use policy.

** Some services, such as OCB barring, may not work due to changes in the supply from BT. Also, some select services from BT may now be chargeable when switching over to us. The price quoted is for basic line rental without select services. Please contact us before switching if you have any queries about any services.

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